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Orchestral Song on the Way

2010-12-09 22:14:19 by Blueghostsyl

Privet my friends. I have good news. A song is being made that I am spending decent time on. You might have heard of the flash animator Chimbley. If not, you need to go to his page. Chimbley is preforming part of the song, and I am honored to call him my friend. The song will be available in the coming weeks Spasibo friends.

Two new ambient loops have been uploaded. One I found saved on my computer, and I barely remember making it (Siberian Plain,) and the other I whipped up in a few days (Industrial Sektor.) Please rate and review them. Spasibo friends.

Just18 hours after posting my last ambient loop, I was playing around on my controller, and Inspiration suddenly hit me. Several hours later and I have begun a second ambient piece. I am working on it and i should have it finished soon. Spasibo Friends. :)

Working on stuff.

2010-10-16 00:54:33 by Blueghostsyl

I am working on some songs and loops, hopefully they will turn out worthy of upload!